Add Web3 rewards to your app with a few lines of code

With our plug and play SDK, you can add crypto rewards to your app without hiring any blockchain devs.
Embed Web3 Rewards
With X-to-Earn you can seamlessly create and add Web3 rewards to your app. Users can then easily earn rewards for various actions they perform on your app.
Easy to Manage
Manage your rewards from our dashboard without writing smart contracts or web3 code. Rewards are paid to users directly from your app for the various actions they carry out via our SDK.
X-to-Earn SDK
Our JavaScript SDK allows you to easily add a crypto rewards program to any app in a matter of minutes. We currently support NEAR and are looking to add other chains soon.

How does it work?

With X-to-Earn, you can add crypto rewards to your app in 3 easy steps. Create, Deploy and Integrate.
Create a Rewards Program
Create a Rewards Program on the dashboard. Add Rewards to the Reward Program. Define the amount and max. limit for each Reward
Deploy your Rewards Program
Deposit tokens that will be required to pay the Rewards you defined. The Rewards Program will then be automatically deployed to the chain as a Smart Contract.
Integrate User Rewards
Pay Users the Rewards directly from your app via our JavaScript SDK. This ensures you are in control of when Users receive the Rewards.

Supercharge your web2 app with web3 rewards in a few minutes!

Web3 reward programs are the best way to increase user engagement. The X-to-Earn model (play-to-earn, learn-to-earn, move-to-earn etc.) has been one of the most effective models to come out of web3 which could help web2 apps. Rewards help increase user retention, user activity and traction on the app.
Reward User Actions
Reward users only for the actions they carry out on your app and not randomly
Track User Activity
Easily track who has earned which reward, along with reference to these transaction on chain
Increase User Engagement
Rewards help increase the time users spend on your app and ensure they carry out more actions on your platform